Nick and Orit Faguet

Nick Faguet was born in Los Angeles to a traditional family with roots in Livorno, Italy, the French region of Provence, and Lebanon. He attended public schools where he was exposed to large populations of traditional Persians and secular Ashkenazim. Despite lacking formal Jewish education, an autodidact, he taught himself Hebrew and Aramaic at a young age with a Gemara and dictionary. He initially entered UCLA as a Mathematics major, but later transferred into  Near Eastern Archaeology, focusing on the Biblical period. While attending UCLA Law School, where he graduated with a specialization in Tax, he simultaneously studied independently in Issur V’Heter, Niddah, and practical knowledge of Safrut and Shechita. 


Orit Cohen Faguet was born in New York, to a religious Persian family from  the city of Yazd. She is a niece of Chacham Yosef Hamadani Cohen ztz’’l, Chief Rabbi of Iran until 2014. When her family moved to Los Angeles shortly after she was born, she attended Nessah Israel pre-school, Ohr Eliyahu and Harkham Hillel elementary schools, and YULA Girls high school. After high school she attended Be’er Miriam seminary in Har Nof for  two years, before returning to Los Angeles where she studied for two years at Santa Monica College and transferred to UCLA where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. Since graduating, she has worked for NJCD/Yachad in Los Angeles, promoting inclusion, socialization, and mainstreaming of children and adults with special needs. Additionally, she has taught Fifth Grade Judaics at Maimonides’ School. In addition to her learning with SMC students, Orit spends time teaching kallot local to the community.

 Rabbi Nick and Orit met in class at UCLA; their relationship grew out of involvement in OU-JLIC at UCLA and they were married shortly after graduation. They live in the Beverlywood neighborhood of L.A. with their two children, Jesse and Asher.