Nick and Orit Faguet

Rabbi Nick Faguet is from Los Angeles and graduated UCLA Law School with a specialization in Tax, while also independently studying Issur V’Heter, Niddah, and practical knowledge of Safrut and Shechita.  Rabbi Nick currently runs a Halacha WhatsApp group distinguished for his lengthy and detailed answers. He also edits, contributes and publishes a journal of Sepharadic Halacha titled “Kobetz Avkat Rochel” available worldwide.

Orit Cohen Faguet was also raised in Los Angeles. Orit attended Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, and YULA Girls high school. After two years at Ba’er Miriam seminary in Har Nof, she studied at UCLA where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in English Literature. Since graduating, she served as the director of Los Angeles Yachad, another program of the OU. In addition to her learning with SMC students, Orit also spends time teaching Kallahs local to the community.

Rabbi Nick and Orit met in class at UCLA; their relationship grew out of involvement in OU-JLIC at UCLA and they were married shortly after graduation. They live in the Beverlywood neighborhood of LA with their three children, Jesse, Asher and Ruthie.